Autostar 402TS

front threequarter view from UK offside

She is 5.4m long, 2.1m wide and 2.9m high, and has a maximum weight of 2600Kg, which the normally aspirated 1647cc petrol engine pulls reasonably well, albeit not too quickly at times. I would like a little more power, and an extra forward gear but, basically, she is pleasant enough to drive.

Cruising at 80-90kph gives us the equivalent of around 18-20mpg, but there are a lot of hills to negotiate before we get to the autoroutes!

The camper was originally intended for winter sports - she is fully winterised, with 14 padded covers for all windows, a very effective gas space heater, and ski carriers on the back! Her original owner had her for 18 years, and the man from whom we purchased her had owned her for ten years. When we bought her, at 28 years of age, the recorded mileage (kilometrage) was just over 92,000Km - 57,000 miles. Since then, we have added just over 3,000Km, which seems to be about her average

Internal view looking towards the front showing dinette  rear kitchen

Internally, Lizzie is well equipped and makes good use of space. There is an above cab double bed, and the table and seats make into another double. The side panels of the seats extend outwards by 30cm, and there is a cushion that fits in there to increase the width of the bed to 130cm (51").

The kitchen unit, which is across the back of the van, has a 2 burner gas cooker and a 3 way fridge, plus a water heater that is currently refusing to function.

 shower room

There being only one battery, we tend to use sites that offer an electricity hook-up.

That usually means that they have all other facilities, so we really don't need to use the shower, or the chemical toilet.That does, on occasion, result in the small bathroom being used more as a large cupboard!

I can't comment too much on the lighting, as I believe most of it has been retrofitted. There are spotlights at each end of the seating, which I intend at some stage to replace with LED lamps that give a softer, less glaring light.

side view with awing and picnic tables out

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