Eriba-Car 530/580

 front threequarter view of 580 from passenger side

layout plan of 580 and 530

The model featured here is the Eriba-Car 580. It's little sister is the Eriba-Car 530. The 530 and 580 models are basically very similar, the 530 is two berth while the 580 is some 18" longer and has an extra single bed.

front threequarter view of 580 from drivers side with habitation door 	open

The low profile aluminium coachwork is built on a steel superstructure which alleviates the problem of damp/rot in the wooden frame that many coachbuilts suffer from.

They have a GRP roof with an elevating section to give a standing height of 6'3" under the elevated part. This I feel is the Eriba-Car's only downfall, I am 5'9" but the ceiling feels decidedly low - perhaps it's just me?

Internal view of 580 looking towards the rear

580 washroom

Eribas are very well equipped and have double glazing, blown air heating, shower room, rear lounge and an interior sprung double bed measuring 6'3" x 4'7" the 580 model's single bed measures 6'4" x 2'0"

Extra seating in 580 which the 530 dos not have

The extra section and seating drectly behind the cab is where the 580 and 530 differ. The 530 does not have this section.

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All the photographs and information below have been taken from an old brochure, as you can see, the image quality is very poor.
If any Eriba-Jet owners would like to donate some better photos (& info) I would be most grateful.

The Eriba-Jet is an "A" Class van. This means that the whole bodywork is made by by converter (Eriba in this case) whereas on a Coachbuilt van only the habitation area is made by the converter and the cab area is supplied by the chassis supplier (Renault)

Rear threequarter view of Eriba-Jet from drivers side

plan of Eriba-Jet

Above is a plan view of the Eriba-Jet layout. A Class vans almost always have a ready made up double bed stored in the cab roof area. At bedtime it is lowered on a cantilever mechanism into it's sleeping position.

interior view of Eriba-Jet rear lounge

There are two lounge areas - one at each end of the van. The cab seats swivel round to supplement the two inward facing seats behind, to make a front lounge.

The 'dining room' at the rear is a U-shaped design with a free-standing table.

The area is light and airy with double-glazed opening windows all around. There are five high-level lockers, with doors that stay up when opened, around the rear of the van.

Eriba=Jet cooker and fridge

Between the side door and the rear dinette is the kitchen unit. Here the the worktops are lifted to reveal a stainless steel two- burner cooker and sink combination unit. The sink cover can be hinged over through 180° to provide extra worktop space, and the units are at a good working height.

Beneath the cooker is a large Electrolux RM270 'fridge, with freezer compartment, while below the sink are a power-point, a cutlery drawer, and a cupboard with a small bin on the inside of its door.

Eriba-Jet overcab bed in lowered position

At night the Eriba-Jet will accommodate five adults. At the front end of the 'van, there is the usual 'A' Class pull-down double. The bed swings down bringing its own curtains with it.

Below the drop-down bed is a single which is quickly made up from the two inward facing seats that make up the front dinette.

 Eriba-Jet rear lounge in double bed configuration

Finally, the rear table can be lowered and the rear dinette cushions fall into place to make the second and larger double.

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