Unknown model name

Front threequarter view of Foster & Day with habitation door 	open

This particular one has a 2.1 diesel engine with a turbo conversion, which the owner tell us seems to work very well dealing with the Welsh hills.
The overall appearance at first glance is very much like an Eldiss Eclipse but on closer inspection, there are noticeable differences.

internal view of F&D looking forward with washroom on right

The front Luton window is much larger than the one on the Eclipse, the coachbuilt cladding has a "ridged" surface whereas the Eclipse is just flat,the sides, front and rear are decorated with graphics, the rear wheels have spats etc.etc

The interior layout is again very similar to that of the Eclipse but the quality of the conversion is much higher with wood trims to the doors and better quality upholstery and fittings.

Looking towards the rear of the van,on the right there is the four burner hob, grill & oven, 3-way fridge and kitchen unit with hot and cold water. To the left is the shower and toilet compartment and wardrobe. The van has onboard tanks for fresh and waste water.

Interior shot looking to rear of F&D

This is a 4-berth van, with a very generous double bed over the cab and another double made up from the U-shaped seating area with slats and the backrests of the side seats to fill in the gap. This differs from the Eclipse in that the Eclipse just has seating at the sides and not under the rear window.

Unfortunately the company have ceased converting vans and their high quality Trafic conversions are few and far between

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