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Names, Faces, Positions and a little info about our Committee members
Alan Berry, RTMR Chairman Chairman
Alan Berry

Alan lives in Cheltenham and is one of the club stalwarts, Alan and his wife Val have been members since the beginning of the RTMR
and were present at the very first RTMR rally & AGM.
His interests include cycling and playing keyboard instruments [not at the same time though].
Val Berry, RTMR Secretary Club Secretary
Valerie Berry

Val took on the role of Club Secretary at the 2018 AGM.
She has been motorhoming with her husband, Chairman Alan Berry, for over 18 years and like Alan, is a founder member of the RTMR.
When not motorhoming Val is often helping out with 4 grandchildren [whose ages range from 17 years to 6 months]
or helps with her daughter’s menagerie of 2 horses, 2 alpacas and one chicken.
Given a bit of free time, she enjoys cycling, walking, cooking, gardening and wildlife watching.
Terri Griffiths, Membership Secretary Membership Secretary
Terri Griffiths

Terri and husband John live in Epsom and love getting away in their 1986 T1000 'Valerie'. They love the outdoors and always look forward to miles of smiles in their camper, finding new places and meeting new friends.
Both are self-confessed jazz heads and work closely with Rye International Jazz Festival backstage looking after all of the artists. They have been lucky enough to meet a good few A-listers along the way, some lovely and others COMPLETE diva's!!
Frank Bryant, Newsletter Editor Newsletter Editor
Frank Bryant

When they are not producing the club's newsletter at their home in Salisbury, Frank and his wife Doreen will probably be off on one of their many adventures,
some of which you can read about on Frank's site at franksblog.webnode.com

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A sample from our newsletter - The Trafic Report

Well, where do I start? At the beginning I guess, Thursday evening was frantically spent packing the van, as this was my first trip I was a little unsure as to what to put in it. I put in everything I thought I would need, then unpacked it again as I had far too much, Even the dog was struggling for somewhere to sit. I finished at midnight and decided that was enough, what I didn't have I wouldn't take.

I finished work early on Friday, drove home excited and nervous. Took Charlie (the dog) out for a quick comfort break, then in the Venga Bus and off we went. 5 mins later stuck in traffic, I remembered I needed Severn bridge money so obviously had to stop and buy sweets so I would have change. Well, I have a sweet drawer that needed filling?

Two and a half hours later my trusty Iphone sat nav informed me I had arrived at my destination, the Show Caves. I drove about looking for a reception building but all I could find was the toilet block? I looked around and it was apparent by the number of Renaults about that I was in the right place. I saw a lady with a little Jack Russell walking directly toward me, so I wound the window down to ask where I could find reception.
The next words took me a little by surprise; "you must be Sue?"

I'm in the middle of Brecon, how could this lady know my name? Then she introduced herself as Nora and that she had been looking out for me to arrive to welcome me. How lovely.

She told me where to park; she had saved a space near her in case I needed any help. Her next words were nectar to my ears, "we're off to the pub if you would like to join us" Damn right. After plugging in electrics, walking Charlie and settling him in the van, off I went in the torrential rain to the pub with Nora and Paul....

Excerpt from "Rally Virgin" in Trafic Report issue No 51

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An Outline of the RTMR

Originally, the register was only open to owners of Trafic based motorhomes. Then it seemed reasonable to admit people who were thinking of buying a Trafic. After a while, we were approached a Renault Master owner who told us that the Master Owners Club seemed to have vanished into thin air, so we decided to allow Masters too.
Then there were members who changed vans to a non-Trafic one, but had made such good friends within the club that they didn't want to leave. Even the youngest Trafics are getting on a bit now, and good ones are sometimes hard to find. We are a friendly lot and we believe that it's people who make a club rather than the vehicle they drive, so we let them stay.

We now have quite a number of members who don't have Trafics, there's no animosity or snobbery amongst us, we are all equal whether we own a 1982 Trafic Pop-top or 2012 Hymer Coachbuilt. Most - but not all started with a Trafic. There is no denying that many people choose a Trafic as a first step into the world of motorhoming because they have always been at the bottom end of the price range. Cheap is not always nasty though, and a decent Trafic will beat a certain German made, rear engined, air cooled cult vehicle into a cocked hat in the comfort, handling, economy and performance stakes (But not street cred apparently?).

So why should a non-Trafic owning person want to be a member of an organisation calling itself the Renault Trafic Motorhome Register?
The first reason is mentioned above, someone starts with a Trafic and after a while aspires to a newer van. They stay because of the friendship and camaraderie they've found in the club. Some join because they have a friend who is a member and they've been told what a friendly bunch we are.
Then of course there is the financial aspect, subs at the time of writing (05/14) are £12 p.a. = 25p per week. Each new member receives a voucher for a substantial discount on a Russek workshop manual and some insurance companies offer discounts for club members - there are some listed in the members section of this website. These discounts could quite easily offset the £12 p.a. subs and more besides.
Because some of us already own non-Trafic vans, there is something of a general knowledge base on the club's forum and let's be realistic, a propex heater is a propex heater whether it's fitted into a Trafic, Transit, Sherpa, Express or..... The same applies to Carver water heaters, Electrolux fridges, MPK vents Comet Novo taps etc. etc...

Having said all that, we are still predominantly based on Trafics. As mentioned earlier, virtually all members have owned, or still own, a Trafic based van and the club, like this website is heavily weighted towards Trafics, but we won't turn you away or turf you out if you have something different. We have been going since October 2000 and we have learned to be flexible.

We like to hold at least 4 weekend rallies a year, in various locations throughout the UK based on Members’ suggestions. We also sometimes have informal get-togethers of just a few friends meeting up for a few days. There is however no pressure on anyone to take part in any rallies or other activities if they do not wish to do so.

Our quarterly newsletter the "Trafic Report" is open for any Member to air their views, submit tips, modifications, articles or place "for sale" or "want" ads. (Members can also place adverts, free of charge, on this website.)

We have many knowledgeable Members who are only too happy to share their wisdom. Of course, it must be realised that the register, it’s officials or Members cannot be held responsible if incorrect information is given or passed on. It is up to the individual to verify that the information given is correct.

How to join?

You have a choice of application forms Here, fill in your preferred one and send it with your membership fee to:

Terri Griffiths
RTMR Membership Secretary
60 Ebbisham Road
KT18 7NT

Please make cheques payable to: Renault Trafic Motorhome Register or RTMR.
If you don't have a chequebook, subscriptions can be paid via bank transfer using the following account details:
Account Name: RTMR
Bank: HSBC
Sort Code: 40-33-33
Account Number: 41568191
Please put your name as a reference, followed by NM (ie Joe Bloggs NM).
Alternatively email Sue or write to her at the above address and ask for an application form to be sent to you.

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