February 2021 Site 'migrated'

Sometime towards the end of 2020, our hosting company 'migrated' our site to a new system. They said that they sent details of the move via 'several emails' but for some reason,
I did not receive any of them. Consequently, parts of the site were not working as they should.
All the site problems have now been fixed to the best of my knowledge - please let me know of any problems

March 2020 new additions to technical section

A page was added to consilidate what we know about the Renix ignition modules

A book of Trafic wiring diagrams in .pdf format was donated to the site by member Brendan Bowles

June 2019 New additions to technical page and a buyers guide added

A page containing tips on what to look for when buying your first Trafic motorhome. The link to it is on the 'Various Trafics' page

RTMR member Ross Spackman has donated a better conditioned copy of the early Trafic handbook and a propex heater manual which are available to download.

Sept 2018 New technical page and engine spreadsheet added

A new page added to the tech section describing how to change a manifold gasket on a 1721cc engine, donated by member Pete Tate

Member Tom Rowan has donated a spreadsheet listing the engines fitted to various Renault vehicles - excellent for cross referencing which other vehicles 'your' engine was fitted to.
Clicking the link will either ask what to do next [open / save file] or start the download procedure, depending on your browser.

2018 AGM

New Secretary
After many years service as club secretary, Nora has stood down and Valerie Berry has taken on this role, despite having very little free time.
Valerie will not be organising rallies though.

The AGM minutes are now available to view on the website

April 2018 Trafic Handbook

RTMR member Grahame Bundy has kindly donated a Trafic handbook which I have scanned and uploaded to the member's section.
This is a later book than the one already there and is in better condition. There is also a lot more information in it.

August 2017 Headlamp Refurbishment

I recently came across an eBay advert for someone who refurbishes Trafic headlamps. As I know that these units are getting scarcer, I asked him for some details.
He replied to say that the cost to refurbish one headlamp unit is from £50 to £110 depending if its a mark 1 or mark 2. Call first to have a chat about what is required
One club member has used this guy and was delighted with the results
You'll find the contact number on the Technical resources page in the member's section of this website. Link to page Here

July 2017 Opie Oils discount

RTMR members can now get 10% discount on any purchases from Opie oils by entering a code on the checkout screen.check the Facebook page or Trafic Report for details.
Opie Oils sell much more that just oil & filters, they sell a whole range of items for motorists, caravanners, motorcylists etc. etc..

June 2017 RTMR Facebook Group

Following this weekend's AGM, we now have a Facebook page called, surprisingly, Renault Trafic Motorhome Register. The group is for Club members only
and is a closed group, which means you have to apply to join and be accepted by admin and that only other group members can see what goes on, the general public cannot.

If you have any difficulty joining, feel free to contact me (Nora) or Sue and we'll help you out.
I hope the group will thrive, I think a lot of people will find it easier to use than a forum.

April 2017 - Member survey

We are conducting a survey to ask the membership how they feel we can inprove the RTMR, see the link button on the Rally News page

Feb 2017 - Tata Winger parts supplier

The Tata Winger is for all intents a phase II Trafic made in India by Tata Motors
Club Member Jon Hayworth has come across a company who is willing to supply Winger parts to Trafic owners. The company is The Parts People [ http://www.partspeople.co.uk ] and the person to contact is Dennis Leslie.
As Tata part numbers and Renault part numbers are going to different, Dennis requests that you contact him by email [dennis.leslie8@gmail.com] to discuss your requirements, attaching a drawing of the part you require if posible.

Dennis has said that he will help our members as much as he can - please mention the RTMR if you contact him.

Feb 2017 - Trafic Motorhome Reviews

I have come across some scanned images of magazine reviews for some Trafic Motorhomes and have put links to them on the appropriate "Various Trafics" pages. I'm afraid I cannot remember who supplied these and it may have been more than one person, so whoever you are, please accept my thanks on behalf of anyone finding them useful.
Clicking on the image once it is open will enlarge it

Site under new/old management

The site has been neglected for a while, perhaps giving visitors the impression that the RTMR was now defunct, so I have been asked to take it over again and bring it up to date.

Please bear in mind that I am only an amateur and not an I.T. professional so you won't be seeing any new, state of the art features, although I will try to keep it current.
Any sensible ideas for improvements to the site will be welcomed.

Adverts and pop-ups on this site

If you find Adverts, side-bars, pop-ups and irritating flashing widgets on this site, your computer has a virus infection.
The virus is adware and I know this from personal experience as the ads etc. were appearing on my own computer and I knew that they were not a legitimate part of the web pages 'cos I had written them!
I have put a link Here to a page with instructions and applications to remove adware and other nasties.

Please note that adware is not the same as Ad-Aware by Lavasoft which an application for removing advertising rubbish from your computer.