Leisuredrive Relax

front threequarter view from driver's side

front threequarter view from passenger side

Cutaway drawing of Leisuredrive Relax

looking in though side door towards rear

 passenger seat swivelled

The Relax has a similar layout to the VW campers, with all the kitchen fittings, Fridge, Sink, Cooker, Cupboards etc.. arranged along the offside in front of the bench seat.

The wardrobe and other storage is behind the seat, with more storage areas under the seat, both front and back.
There are also storage lockers in the roof, both front and back

The front passenger seat swivels to face the bench seat for a more sociable layout when camping.

At night, the bench seat folds flat on a rock 'n roll mechanism to make a 6' x 4' double bed

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