The Renault Trafic owners' handbook

This would have come with the base vehicle when originally purchased. These give a surprising amount of detail about how things in the van work, and also about everyday maintenance tasks. If you have an owners manual, many questions can be answered simply by looking in there first (before all else fails!). If you don't have such a manual, copies can sometimes be purchased second hand, or from club members who have 'upgraded' or scrapped a van.

Peter Russek 'Pocket Mechanic' Manuals

The Russek manuals are not quite as well illustrated as a 'Haynes' manual, but provide a good starting point. They are excellent on technical info (torque wrench settings, timing values etc.) and for many repairs. There is A Russek manual for most Trafics - search for 'Russek' on the internet, or use the link on the Notice Board. (People who join the RTMR club get a good discount on Russek manuals).

The Complete Motor Caravan Manual

From Porter manuals. Although not specific to the Trafic, this gives a lot of good advice about the internals of your motorhome - fridge, heating, batteries etc. and how to care for them. Unfortunately, these manuals are now out of print but new and second hand ones can still be obtained from places like Amazon .
Don't pay silly prices for a second hand book that cost fifteen pounds when new.

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Haynes Motorcaravan Manual

Haynes also publish a book about building your own motorhome. Like the Porter manual they are not specific to the Trafic but give information about the fitment and workings of the components which go to make up a motorhome. (The latest edition of the Haynes Motorcaravan manual has a different cover than the one shown)

Manuals for other Renault vehicles

Some other vehicles use the same engine/gearbox as your Trafic. There are some other Renault models (notably the 18, 21 and Fuego and perhaps some others) that shared the same engine as the early Mk1 Trafic. The 2068cc diesel engine continued for a long time in the Renault Espace. Also, some Volvos around the 340 and 440 model used the same 1397, 1647 and 1721cc engines as the Trafic. Haynes manuals for these models are available, so if you have substantial work to do on an engine or gearbox, the manual from one of these vehicles may help you.

Other Members

Last, but by no means least -Other Club members! The point of the RTMR club is to help each other, so if you need some advice about your vehicle you can contact others who have the same van as you and they may have an easy solution for you.

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